Fresh coconut water health benefits: Nutrients, recipes and more


Parched throat, low energy and dehydration are common during scorching summer. One needs a refreshing drink to not only satiate thirst but also replenish some lost nutrients. Fresh coconut water is a natural beverage which is rated highly by health experts for its many health benefits.

Nutritional value of fresh coconut water

coconut water benefits
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Water from tender coconut, which can be as old as six months, usually contains around 94 per cent water. A 240-millilitre cup contains 15 grams of carbohydrates, 8 grams of sugar and 60 calories, according to Healthline.

Rich in phosphorus, coconut water contains 15 per cent of the total daily value (DV). It is also high in calcium and magnesium, containing 4 per cent DV of each, 15 per cent DV of potassium, and 15 per cent DV of phosphorus. It is also a great source of vitamin C, containing 32 per cent DV for women and 27 per cent for men.

Know all the health benefits of coconut water, the favourite summer drink

Keeps you hydrated

Drinking natural coconut water aids in hydration without being heavy on fats and sugar. Rich in electrolytes, it instantly replenishes and balances healthy fluids in our cells lost from the body because of excessive heat or rigorous exercise.

Packed with antioxidant properties

fresh coconut water benefits
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There are limited studies conducted on the effects of antioxidants in coconut water on humans and more research is required to prove these benefits.

However, a study conducted on insulin-resistant rats published in the Asian Pacific Journal of Tropical Medicine by the National Library of Medicine (NLM) states that treatment with coconut water decreased blood pressure, triglycerides and insulin levels of the subjects. It also considerably decreased the free radical activity, causing oxidative stress in them.

Research conducted in 2014 and published in the Journal Of Ethnopharmacology suggested that the treatment of coconut water given to rats with damaged livers had a positive effect on decreasing free radical activity.

May lower cholesterol

According to the report published in the Global Journal of Biology, Agriculture and Health Sciences, rats who were fed a high-fat diet were also given coconut water. The results in the reduction of their cholesterol levels were encouraging.

Reduces blood pressure levels

Healthline states that high levels of potassium in coconut water could be the reason why it is linked to a reduction in blood pressure levels. The West Indian Medical Journal published a report in 2005, stating that individuals with high blood pressure could include this beverage in their diet.

Prevents kidney stones

A 2018 BioMed Research International report hailed coconut water as a possible solution for removing urinary citrate. The report mentions that this drink is rich in nutrients that help in getting rid of potassium, chloride and citrate in urine which causes kidney stones.

Improves skin health

Antibacterial and anti-microbial properties in coconut water can help achieve clear skin and make it blemish-free, according to the 2017 report published in PubMed Central.

It also improves collagen synthesis, which makes the skin look young, fuller and supple.

Can help in weight management

Although coconut water is naturally sweet, it has comparatively much lower calories than other fizzy drinks or fruit juices, making it a great option to maintain weight.

Aids bone health

This wonder fruit water has a good amount of calcium and magnesium. Therefore, drinking it regularly is considered good for bone health as well.

Ways to consume coconut water

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The fastest and easiest way to get all the benefits of coconut water is to drink it fresh. However, if you are bored with that, here are some recipes you can easily whip up using this miracle ingredient. You can make mocktails or healthy drinks with seeds to increase their nutritional value. Puddings, milkshakes and ice-creams are other popular options.

Check out the following recipes to rustle up some healthy and tasty coconut water-based dishes and drinks.


Loaded with electrolytes, coconut water is a great source of hydration during summer. It also includes other health benefits like preventing kidney stones and reducing blood pressure. Even though it packs fewer calories and has no added sugar, it is naturally sweet. Since it contains a high level of potassium, people with diabetes should be mindful while consuming this drink as it can affect their blood sugar levels. They should consult a dietician before including coconut water in their diet.

Those with kidney ailments must consult a physician about the optimum amount of coconut water they should consume.

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Frequently Added Questions (FAQs)

-What happens if we drink coconut water daily?
Coconut water has many health benefits. It is mainly consumed to detox the body and maintain hydration.

-What is the main benefit of coconut water?
The main benefit of coconut water is that it provides hydration.

-How much coconut water should I drink a day?
One to two cups of coconut water is enough for daily consumption.

-What are the secret benefits of coconut water?
Glowing skin, prevention of kidney stones and regulation of blood pressure are some of the benefits of coconut water.


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