The Top 10 Healthy Food Trends to Expect in 2024


The past year has had some noteworthy food moments: Who could forget girl dinner, immunity-boosting wellness shots, and cottage cheese and pickles in absolutely everything? Now, though, we can look forward to what exciting new culinary innovations lie ahead.

Many of those innovations take their cue from ongoing research that highlights the role food and nutrition play in the risk of developing chronic diseases, and how diet impacts day-to-day functioning, energy levels, and even mood and mental health. Experts predict that there will be a continued emphasis on new and better plant-based foods, as well as those that nurture our guts with pre-, pro-, and post-biotics.

To discuss these and other emerging trends, we consulted Kelly Kennedy, RDN, staff dietitian for Everyday Health, Sammi Brondo, RD, a dietitian based in New York City, Lauren Twigge, RD, owner of Lauren Twigge Nutrition, and Diana Wind, RD, a nutritionist at Inspira Health. Here, they share their thoughts on the most important healthy food trends we’re likely to see in 2024.

1. Economical Eats

Food prices have begun to pump the brakes, but they’re still not what they used to be. There is a silver lining for home cooks, however. All food prices are expected to increase 1.2 percent in 2024, according to data from the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), but while eating away from home costs are expected to rise nearly 5 percent, the price of eating at home is anticipated to actually fall slightly.


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